The New D. A. Y. Motorcycle Tour


Dolores Anne Young    "The Goddess"

This site is dedicated to my beloved wife who was taken to heaven  on Thursday April 17 2008 as a result of a brain tumor.  We had planned to someday take time for ourselves and just tour the country on our bike sticking to the backroads and camping and meeting all the wonderful people of this great country.  As with a lot of great laid plans it will never come to pass.  She has made me promise her that I will go on this tour after her death, and taking her ashes along with me, I will keep this promise.  We have only been together for about six short years, but in that time we have loved each other as no other couple I have ever met.  We spent everyday together working together, living together, shopping together, playing together.  In all this time we spent only two nights apart when she went to her mothers to help her shop for Christmas one year.  We missed each other so much that we have never spent another night apart since.  Not one hurtful or angry word has ever passed between us in all this time, nor ever will.  When she sleeps with the angles and I have finished this memorial trip perhaps I will find a reason to go on without her until that day when I join her.

        Until that time I invite you to come along and join us on this Odyssey across this great country of ours.  Where it will lead only God knows.


Rick "DemonMaster" Young


Come back and visit often, My goal is that before I die, out of the 360 plus millon people in this country I can get 1 million fellow Americans and any others around the world to know just a little about one of the greatest women ever to have lived. With your help this should be easy. Just forward this site to all your friends and ask them to do the same. And thank you all for this little kindness it will mean so much to so many.

My Beloved Dolores

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